Our Commitment to Hosts

Grow your business by employing an apprentice or trainee

By engaging our services to find you an apprentice or trainee, you become a host employer. As a host employer your responsibility is to provide the apprentice or trainee with on-the-job training and experience. Skill Hire will look after all the administrative requirements, monitoring, off-the-job training, worker’s compensation and performance management. As a host employer Skill Hire can provide you with the appropriate level of skill you require – anything from first year to fourth year. We understand that your work demands may vary. Skill Hire can provide you with one or more apprentices or trainees from as short as two weeks to the full four years.

Regular workplace visits are conducted by our dedicated field officers and OHS advisors to provide pastoral care and to identify any areas of concern. All administration is taken care of for you including:

  • Registration of the training contract
  • Government reporting
  • Industrial relations issues
  • All payroll functions
  • Workers compensation & injury management
  • Management of all personal leave
  • Coordination of off-the-job training & assistance on-the-job when required
  • Coordination of off-the-job training
  • Performance management support

Benefits of employing an apprentice or trainee with Skill Hire

We hear what you have to say. To ensure your apprentices and trainees meet your requirements, Skill Hire provides them with consistent support services including:

  • A full Skill Hire induction
  • Regular mentoring and monitoring
  • Training on and off-the-job
  • PPE
  • Ongoing Occupational Health and Safety training
  • 24 hour access to a complimentary Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Did you know that when employing an apprentice or trainee with Skill Hire

  • You only pay for the on-site hours worked by the apprentice or trainee:
    • Annual leave – No charge!
    • Annual leave loading – No charge!
    • Personal (sick leave) – No charge!
    • Rostered days off – No charge!
    • Downtime – No charge!
    • Inclement weather – No charge!
    • Technical/TAFE time – No charge!
    • Technical/TAFE fees – No charge!
    • PPE – No charge!
    • Workers compensation – No charge!
  • You decide when you need an apprentice or trainee and for how long
  • A team of dedicated and passionate field officers and office staff will provide all aspects of ongoing support to both you and the apprentice or trainee
  • We can negotiate early completion of the training contract based on competency
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