Payroll Functions

Apprentices and trainees are paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis by Skill Hire.

Apprentices and trainees will keep a record of the time they work then you, as the host will sign off on the hours worked, off the job training hours with inclement weather and travel covered by us. Their timesheet will also record any annual leave and/or personal leave. A leave request form is completed and approved by all parties prior to leave being taken.

Each new employee working for Skill Hire will be issued with an employee’s time record login, which must be kept up to date. Our online timesheet solution simplifies the messy paperwork normally seen with temporary staff. All overtime is to be authorised.

In the event of inclement weather

The majority of workers employed on a construction site are covered by either a state or federal building construction award. As a consequence, these employees are entitled to the benefits of the prescribed ‘inclement weather’ clause.

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