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Earn while you learn with an apprenticeship or traineeship in construction!


Apprenticeships and traineeships are an excellent way to work while completing training towards a nationally recognised qualification that will lead to endless opportunities. While some may opt for further tertiary studies, some of the most successful Australians have roots in the trade industry.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are available to anyone of working age so, if you are a school leaver, someone re-entering the workforce or even a mature-aged person wanting to make a career change, this is an excellent pathway to start a career in trades.

What is the Difference Between an Apprenticeship and a Traineeship?

While apprenticeships and traineeships in Perth are often categorised together, they vary slightly in terms of what they offer:

Apprenticeships in Perth are usually three to four years in duration and cover skilled trade areas such as construction and building, engineering and metal fabrication, automotive and mechanical, electrical and other specialisations like landscaping, hospitality and cookery and hairdressing. You can complete the program on full-time or part-time basis or even while you are still in school (certain industries only). The structured nature of apprenticeships give you the opportunity to receive both on the job and off the job training, each with its own benefits. Upon successful completion of an apprenticeship, you will be recognized as a qualified tradesperson.

While our apprenticeships focus more so on blue collar based trades, we have the ability to provide white collar traineeships across the nation, so for those seeking careers outside of a construction site, a traineeship with Skill Hire means your gaining real workplace experience in an industry of your choice. Our traineeships act as a vocational based pathway into a number of professional careers that expose you to real world working scenarios, quality support and earning potential throughout.

What is the Difference Between an Apprenticeship and a Traineeship


If you are a senior secondary student, you can undertake a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship while completing the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Under a school-based traineeship, you will be recognised as both a full-time student and a part-time employee earning wages for the hours worked. Generally, students will attend school 4 days a week and work for their employer one day a week. During school holidays, you will have the option of working extra hours to earn extra income.

Eligibility Requirements for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship in WA


  • Australian citizenship, Permanent Residency, New Zealand Citizenship or holder of an appropriate visa.
  • You are of school leaving age or at least 15 years old with written approval from the Department of Education and Training to take up an apprenticeship.
  • Employers are not eligible to take up an apprenticeship in their own business.


  • Australian citizenship, Permanent Residency, New Zealand Citizenship or holder of an appropriate visa.
  • Minimum employment of 15 to 20 hours a week (based on qualification eligibility criteria).
  • You are of school leaving age or at least 15 years old with written approval from the Department of Education and Training to take up a traineeship.



  • Be a full-time senior secondary school student in Years 10, 11 or 12.
  • Be offered and enter into a Training Contract with an employer.
  • Have an agreement with your school to undertake school-based training.
  • Have the competencies achieved in the apprenticeship or traineeship included in the Western Australian certificate of Education (WACE).
Eligibility Requirements for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship
Group Training Organisations

Group Training Organisations

Besides being a registered training organisation and a recruitment company, Skill Hire is also a Group Training Organisation (GTO). As a GTO, we employ apprentices and trainees under a training contract and find host employers to enrich the apprenticeship / traineeship experience and fulfil course requirements. If you are placed with a large business, you are likely to be rotated in a variety of roles, which will ultimately broaden your skillset. On the other hand, a small to medium sized business will have the capacity to provide you one-on-one training.

How do I Improve My Chances of Getting an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

One of the best ways of increasing your chances of getting an apprenticeship or traineeship in Perth is to undertake a pre-apprenticeship course or study vocational subjects in Years 10, 11 and 12. Skill Hire offers pre-apprenticeships in Certificate II: Building and Construction with specialisations in Carpentry and Joinery and Bricklaying / Blocklaying. To be eligible for a pre-apprenticeship course, you do not have to be employed. Remember, pre-apprenticeship courses are a great way to:

  • Get a competitive edge when applying for an apprenticeship after you finish school
  • Get your foot in the door by establishing contacts in your chosen trade, which may ultimately help you secure employment in the future

    For more information on pre-apprenticeships, click here.


How do I Improve My Chances of Getting an Apprenticeship or Traineeship

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    My son has thoroughly enjoyed the Construction Pathways course. He spent the last 18 months being home schooled and not socializing with anyone so to see him eager to get up and leave the house every day still blows my mind. Simon, thank you for your understanding and taking extra care with my son.


    I wanted to say a big thank you to Skill Hire and the team, especially Wayne for such an amazing experience for our students. All of our students were thoroughly engaged with the course and learned many valuable skills.