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The world relies on trades on a daily basis – no matter the industry, there is no shortage of opportunity for people who are willing to get involved and learn. We recognise how important this is for our community, and for the future of our community, therefore, we are pleased to offer individuals the start to their ideal career.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Australian Apprenticeships are the best way to combine training and employment in a way that leads to nationally recognised qualifications. The nominal apprenticeship training term is approximately three years, in which you will be exposed to paid working environments and structured training modules. Rather than learning in a strictly theory based application, an apprenticeship is an invaluable opportunity to apply everything you learn on an ongoing basis, meaning more skills, better employability and better career prospects.

If you choose to undertake an apprenticeship, you’ll earn a great head start into your chosen career, you’ll have opportunity to fast track your course (dependant on meeting required skills) and gain a pathway to a nationally recognised qualification. Whether you are a job seeker, a school student or just seek a change of career, an apprenticeship is for you!

What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships are a great way to train and develop existing staff; spanning either 12 or 24 months in length, a traineeship allows you to undertake a majority of training at your place of employment. You can learn skills specific to your role and build a great foundation to further expand your career. A traineeship covers all industries, whether in construction or business, you will be able to acquire more specific skills and training aimed at allowing you to reach your potential.

How do I start?

When you decide that you are ready to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship, you will be required to sign a training contract. This will see you and your employer agreeing to a formal training agreement over a specific duration.

For more details, get in contact with our Group Training team!

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