What is jobactive?

A free recruitment service to employ local people

jobactive is an Australian Government initiative delivered by a national network of organisations. The program is dedicated to getting more Australians into work.

Why choose jobactive services?

  • Providers match candidates to your business
  • Replacements with minimal business impact
  • No lock-in contracts or hidden costs

Take the stress out of finding staff for your business – and it’s FREE!

Skill Hire addresses the recruitment needs of a large number of businesses and companies in Western Australia and South Australia.

Skill Hire’s jobactive recruitment process

  • Our jobactive Business Development Manager (BDM) will meet with you to determine the requirements of your available position and how you would like the recruitment process to take place.
  • Our consultants will then begin to search for and match a suitable candidate to your specified requirements.
  • Skill Hire will conduct a pre-interview with the chosen candidates to ensure they are the right fit for your role.
  • Chosen candidates will be presented to your business for your final decision. You can choose one of these three options for your interview process:
  1. Contact the candidate directly for an interview/work trial
  2. Skill Hire can arrange an interview/work trial for you
  3. Skill Hire can choose the most appropriate candidate and arrange a time for them to start.
  • Skill Hire will supply ongoing support to your business and candidate after they are placed, to ensure both employer and employee are happy.

There are no ‘lock-in’ contracts or hidden costs when using jobactive services, just the satisfaction of finding employment for local people.

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