Remote School Attendance Strategy RSAS

Skill Hire delivers the Remote School Attendance Strategy in seven communities working with eight schools on the APY Lands

The Remote School Attendance Strategy is about school attendance officers working with schools, families, parents, and community organisations to ensure all children go to school every day.

Getting children to school is the Government’s number one priority for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. That’s because going to school and being at school every day gives every child the best chance for a good start in life.

Many children in remote communities are not going to school every day, with attendance in some communities very low. It is just as important for children living in remote Australia to go to school every day as it is for those in the city. We need to increase attendance rates in remote schools so all children get a good education.

The Remote School Attendance Strategy works with local providers to employ school attendance supervisors and school attendance officers to help kids get to school.

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