CDP Programme jobseeker Anwar with supervisors Graham and Shanice

Five important steps to build jobseeker – Anwar’s confidence

On the APY Lands our staff live within the remote communities and work tirelessly towards assisting jobseekers to achieve outcomes and employment opportunities. Often our staff can act as the facilitator between jobseekers and other providers within their community in an endeavour to build stronger employment opportunities, helping local Anangu achieve their employment goals.

Recently in Pipalyatjara, Anwar Young, pictured top left, with the support of his Skill Hire Pathway Coach Shanice and Activity Supervisor Graham (pictured lower right) earnt a casual role as an Aboriginal Health Worker with Nganampa Health Clinic.

Anwar can remember the time when he was bored with no money, sitting around with not a lot to do, feeling like he had no future. His life is so different now, with the help from his Skill Hire supervisors. He’s definitely not bored any more, feels proud of his achievements and has money to spend.

The five important steps that developed Anwar’s confidence (in the words of Anwar)

  • Graham trusted us so we trusted him
  • Graham taught me about responsibility and the benefits I get from my efforts
  • Shanice sourced a uniform so I felt like I belonged with the other workers at the clinic
  • Shanice listened to me and I was never scared to talk to her about anything
  • Skill Hire did everything Graham promised it would do

How attending CDP activities can help a jobseeker get a job

As well as becoming familiar with getting up every day to go to work through the CDP Programme Anwar said he learnt a lot from our activity supervisor (Graham) about responsibility and the benefits you get from your efforts. Anwar is pleased to have learnt a lot of new skills along the way as well and now is feeling happy he chose to move on from doing nothing to working every day. He feels that it was fun because Graham made it enjoyable.

How a pathway coach can help a jobseeker

Anwar’s Pathway Coach Shanice, was impressed at how motivated he was and how he was working so well within the CDP activities. Shanice was interested in helping Anwar achieve his goal of an employee role in Nganampa Health and was able to help him secure a casual position. It was Anwar’s responsibility then to do all the right things in his position at Nganampa Health Clinic and work hard from there onwards. We believe that has happened because Anwar has mentioned his position will soon move to full time.

Shanice also helped Anwar complete the paper work for his contract and to arrange a keycard because it was a bit hard for him, as well as assisted him apply for his tax file number and explained how superannuation works.

Anwar’s advice to someone following in his footsteps

“Ask Skill Hire to help because they will. Don’t be lazy, you need to get up and go to Skill Hire and they will put you on the right track” advised Anwar.

Here at Skill Hire, we appreciate Anwar’s willingness to share his success story and congratulate him on achieving his employment goal. We also would like to thank the Nganampa Health Clinic for creating an environment where Anwar can prosper.

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    (These students recently took part in a three day Try-A-Trade course at Skill Hire, funded by the Construction Training Fund)

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