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The role of a pathway coach

Currently the role includes daily Government data base updates, appointments with jobseekers, assessment of the barriers and needs of our CDP participants. To build a solid pathway to employment for our job seekers pathway coaches listen to our clients to understand the challenges they face and address the barriers then assist to the best of their abilities to move forward.

Traits needed to be a pathway coach

In the words of our pathway coach Aaron, never give up, there is always another way, be tenacious, think outside the box and share best practice.

How can a pathway coach help a CDP participant to achieve a dream?

When a CDP participant on our case load has greater aspirations assistance can be given in a variety of ways, including:

  • further education
  • ticketing and licensing
  • Identification assistance
  • sourcing employment
  • calling and emailing employers
  • organising interview times
  • interview preparation (going through likely asked questions)
  • resume building
  • confidence building
  • activities focusing on employability skills & motivation
  • enhance independence.

How did our pathway coach Aaron help a dream come true?

With 10 years’ experience in the role, Aaron always has the desire to see his participants better their circumstances. His knowledge of local and distant labour markets gave him the resources to be able to search for employment pathways.

Cyril was in the same Mimili community working at the shop when he approached Aaron in regards to his dream. Aaron was able to place Cyril into the CDP case load as voluntary as he was working, so he could provide assistance.

Although Cyril was working in a general storeman role he had a passion which inspired Aaron, because one of Aaron’s greatest desires is to see people follow their life goals and help them succeed.

Aaron, in his role as pathway coach provided the resources to access the internet and cold call employers, look for apprenticeships and other agencies to gain access into the pastoral industries.

Aaron saw Cyril’s passion to improve his situation, a desire to follow his dreams, a drive to better his community through enterprise, but most of all he witnessed a young man who needed a hand to achieve something he was more than capable of, but just didn’t have access to resources or knowledge of how to achieve it.

Aaron believes that the CDP Programme enabled Cyril to build confidence in his abilities, turn up on time for interview phone calls, meet with him to call a station to organise travel, logistics and materials needed like a swag, hat, saddles etc. Cyril learned time management during involvement with the CDP Programme to be dependable and make his dream come true.

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