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The safe use of power tools

Being taught the correct way to use a power tool is a liberating experience. Before cutting down the overhanging tree branch in the Ernabella church area our job seekers completed the chainsaw safety operation check whilst wearing correct PPE.

In Amata after a storm blew through which knocked over a tree into the school’s play area, job seekers went through a chainsaw safety meeting before they began to clear the area. Cleaning up this damage made sure the children of Amata could play safely again in this particular area.

The planning of projects

Understanding the components to a project ensures all the stages are performed safely. In Ernabella components of the upgrade around the Pukatja store included site preparation, boxing up the concrete area, mixing and pouring cement, then levelling and screeding the concrete area.

Indulkana CDP participants worked in partnership with our staff to correctly prepare the site for their additional church shelter, pegging out the site then enclosing it with temporary fencing to keep it safe so there was no access until the work was completed. Holes were bored using the bobcat and auger, then after the structure was erected and concreted into the ground the site works were cleared away with the ground being levelled.

Focus on recycling rather than rubbish

The Amata community members have developed a strong focus on recycling bottles and cans with our CDP participants engaging in regular collections around the community. We are inspired by the enormous pride people living in Amata are feeling by keeping their own community tidy.

Maintenance of trailers

CDP participants in multiple communities recently took part in the maintenance of their trailers to ensure they are safe to use.  Repairs included new brace supports and frames, repair of wheel bearings, damaged panels and suspensions.

A safety tool box meeting preceded each working day, will all participants wearing correct PPE and ensuring areas were safe before proceeding.

Safety when manufacturing

Cattle yard panel manufacturing has resumed with safety a big focus.

This activity moved from one community to another which involved new participants, who are experienced welders, but new to this project. To make sure the new manufacturing area was safe all safety procedures were engaged with the new equipment.

Tool box meetings

Participants in Amata are exposed to a toolbox meeting at the start of each day’s work. The Tjurma Art Centre renovations activity has seen the development of plumbing, hand tool usage and painting skills. TAFE SA educational sessions have included food safety as a topic which means kitchen safety, especially using knives and other potentially dangerous equipment as well as safe food handling is learnt, understood and followed with close attention.

As you can see from these examples, safety is always ongoing and top of mind before our activities are planned.

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